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There is an expression…” if these walls could talk” that really captures the essence of the Quarry Hofbrau.  Built in 1927 the facility functioned for over 55 years as the laboratory for the Alamo Cement Company.  Cement and concrete products were analyzed, tested and sent across the street to powerful processing facilities. It became an integral part of Cementville, Texas and a work location for hundreds of San Antonians.

When the plant moved locations in the mid-1980s the facility and the quarry were briefly abandoned until the mid-90s when the Quarry Market was built.   In 1996 the facility became an interesting Brew Pub aptly named the Laboratory Brewing Company.  Several other establishments occupied the space until 2010 when the Quarry Hofbrau opened its doors.  The specific utilization of the space requires strong adherence to both Conservation and Historic guidelines as the site is registered in the National Registry of Historical Places.

July 2020

As the entire world puts forth great effort to come to terms with a once in lifetime Pandemic, the Quarry Hofbrau will reopen with refreshed concept, major menu updating and renewed resolve to remain relevant as a centerpiece of the Quarry Market business community.  Having survived World Wars, dozens of business ups and downs and countless social readjustments, the facility and its current tenant Quarry Hofbrau seriously intends to survive, prosper and continue the progression it has inherited.


Or simply stated…stop in, experience not only some history but outstanding food, drink, entertainment and historic San Antonio.  It is worth the time and effort!

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