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A Little Bit German And A Whole Lot Of Texas

The Original Dos-A-Rita

Our signature frozen margarita topped with a cold bottle of Dos XX. A Hofbrau original!

Pink Diamond

A classy hint of strawberry & watermelon with Brut sparkling wine!

Bomb Pop

Grown up version of a favorite childhood treat! A blue raspberry frozen margarita topped with a bottle of Texas finest Big Red!

Double Barrel

This blue raspberry margarita has a double shot of Coronitas, Bang!!!

Senor Rita

This senorita will take you south of the border with a Chamoy Mango margarita topped with a bottle of a Pacifico!

Bull Rita

Original Hofbrau margarita with a Red Bull kick! Try with Cranberry or Blueberry Red Bull as well!

Shark Bite

Sure to drop jaws. Our frozen margarita mixed with strawberry puree & a hint of Mojito. Plugged with a Landshark Lager!

Prickly Rita

Our frozen margarita infused with natural prickly pear puree, a hint of mojito & Cactus Lime Michelob Ultra!

Mangomoon Rita

Begin with a sweet mango margarita, add a Blue Moon Belgian White and you're good to go!

Apple Berry Bull Rita

Our famous margarita mixed with Deep Eddy Cranberry Vodka & Sour Apple Pucker. Topped with Blueberry Red Bull!

Malibu Lemonade

Malibu Rum's Fizzy Pink Lemonade cocktail dunked in a Hofbrau strawberry margarita!

Black Cherry Bomb

An explosion of Mike's Hard Black Cherry Lemonade in our frozen margarita!

Hofborau Mimosa

This traditional cocktail done Hofbrau style! We fill your schooner with ice, orange juice & a hint of X-Rated Fusion liqueur. Topped with Brut sparkling wine!

Pineapple Express

Malibu Rum's Pineapple cocktail, with a hint of Three Olive's Coconut Water Vodka, in our frozen margarita!

Pom Rita Fizz

A natural pomegranate puree & cranberry margarita topped with Brut Sparkling wine!

Yellow Rose

Like the smell of a Texas rose, this mango margarita with Shiner Bock will be just as sweet!

Mello Modelo

A Strawberry mango margarita with a bottle of Modelo Especial!

Southern Belle

This lady is a sweet mango margarita hint of peach schnapps topped with Brut sparkling wine!

Sangria Rita

A fruity infusion of our frozen margarita with a split of Sangria! The best of both worlds!

Volly Rita

Our frozen margarita mixed with strawberry & watermelon pucker topped with Mike's Hard Black Cherry Lemonade!

Sake Rita

Hold on to your chopsticks!!! Our frozen margarita with Japan's Gekkeikan Sake!

Strawberry Blonde

Our Original Hofbrau margarita with strawberry highlights, topped with Shiner Light Blonde!

Blue Island Rita

Get tropical with this blue raspberry & coconut flavored margarita topped with Pacifico!

Berry Buddha

Divinely inspired flavor combo of tart black raspberry frozen margarita & a bottle of Lucky Buddha Chinese Larger!


Pinnacle Whipped Cream Vodka in our frozen margarita topped with Sunkist Orange Soda! Dreamy, creamy good!

Lotta Michelada

Ice filled schooner of our house made SPICY Bloody Mary & your choice of beer to plug in!